Reconnecting you to your True Nature

I have been in private practice since 2009 and the way I work keep expanding and growing as I do. I am passionate about helping my clients to reconnect to their true nature and helping them to step into their own authenticity and a more empowered place.

I have a varied background and combine different approaches and techniques to bring you a uniquely designed approach that suits you and your healing journey. Should you be interested in my academic background and training, please feel free to have a look at my education and relevant training here

Navigate to one of the therapies  under the “How Can I Help?” section  that might interest you and find out more about the specific approach. You might not know which is the best fit for you yet, just that you are ready to come back to your True Nature and you want so help and support to get there. In that case why not make an appointment for an initial consultation so we can find out together what would be the way forward for you.


What my clients have to say...
Jo-Anne Mac Millan
After each session I could feel the difference in myself. These sessions have made me more aware and in-tune with my body - physically, emotionally and spiritually.